Since its inception two years ago, UnBox has been hosted at the British Council in New Delhi. However with the new year and the new approach to the festival, we will be shifting our base to Zorba—an open-air, expansive green venue that holds promise for the exciting new festival formats we are currently evolving. Reflective of the guiding principals of UnBox 2013, Zorba as a venue allows us to play with a ‘hand-on, minds-on’ approach involving growing, building, making and exploring. Striving to broaden the festival experience to include the tangible physical environment, we are developing a space in conjunction with the aspirations of the festival, hopefully facilitating a more cohesive, intimate festival experience.

Located just of the Sultanpur Metro Station, Zorba has played host to a number of progressive, experimental events in Delhi. We hope to use Zorba to its fullest potential, pushing ourselves to challenge our past held festival-related notions of schedules, people, communication and design.

Here’s a quick behind the scenes peek of Zorba and the team hard at work exploring possible installations for UnBox.