Thinking, making, doing, listening… ‘Creating’ is hard work, and UnBox participants will be doing a lot of it during their four days at the festival. What better way to reward them for their efforts and keep them fueled up and ready to ‘go’ than the great culinary explorations coming out of FoodLab?

At it’s simplest, FoodLab embodies our collective love for food, flavours and the stories that give them meaning. It is this love that makes us wander dingy alleyways in search of the perfect parantha orĀ kebab, experiment with various food combinations and ingredients in our kitchens at every opportunity and drive our family, friends and even random strangers on the metro insane with chatter about spices, herbs and the latest in whisking technology.

We are curators, adventurers, ‘flavour architects’ and curbside connoisseurs; and we are always very, very hungry. Hungry for a new taste, a different cuisine or even just a unique way to make something as simple as a dosa.

This year, for UnBox, we have brought even more of these ideals and experiments to the table, with food adventures that hark back to everything from the Kon-Tiki voyage to Onam Sadyas. FoodLab in 2013 will be a melting pot for traditions and innovation, humble pies and lofty lunches and perhaps most importantly, new perspectives- from you, the participants.